Online business, do you miss me too?

I’m working full time, so I haven’t been putting a lot of time running my online businesses.

While I’m enjoying my internship, I really miss the whole “running and relying on your own business all the time.” No matter how hard I work in that 9 to 5 gig, no matter how much effort or how many extra hours I put in, the pay slip is still the same. Continue reading “Online business, do you miss me too?”

Took first place in the Paul Piotrowski Amped challenge

Since I was participating in the Tyler Cruz Challenge (in which I took 2nd place), I figured I’d try my hand at another network and in another contest. As such, I participated in Paul’s Inspired Affiliate Marketing Challenge 3 and scored first place. Continue reading “Took first place in the Paul Piotrowski Amped challenge”

Creating your first website – Part 1/3 – Pre-Launch

If you’re building your first website, you’re maybe lost! However, building a simple website should be just that, simple. In this 3 part blog posts series, I’ll guide the novice out there in building a great first site. There’s no reason why your first website shouldn’t be a success. Whether it’s the first or hundred times, there are fundamental steps in building a great website.

I’ve broken down the creation of a new website into the simplest possible parts: Continue reading “Creating your first website – Part 1/3 – Pre-Launch”

Took second place in the Tyler Cruz XY7 challenge

Tyler Cruz ran another one of his Affiliate Marketing Challenge in January; it was number 7. I had been reading about those for a while, and, even though I had never done that type of affiliate marketing before, I decided to try it out. It was on the XY7 affiliate network. Continue reading “Took second place in the Tyler Cruz XY7 challenge”