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It’s the playoffs!

Posted on 29 April 2009 by Carlito

I’m a huge hockey fan, so best believe come this time of year, I’m spending a lot of time in front the 46″ flat screen watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. I entered a couple of hockey pools this year, so it’s that more exciting.

A little disappointed though, since the Habs (Montreal Canadians) got crushed by Boston. I was at the fourth game, and it was a pretty sad sight…

I can’t root for the Bruins, it’s in my blood, so my picks for the second round are the Canes, the Caps (even though Malkin is my favorite player right now), the Red Wings and the Canucks.

Let’s end this with some Ovechkin magic!

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If you like free stuff

Posted on 03 April 2009 by Carlito

I was away for most of this past week, which is my excuse for the lack of posts. Now this is probably a little off topic (although the blog is still too young and bare to really have a topic), but while I was gone, I received the free gift that I won on Continue Reading

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