How to create a contact form – Formstack Review

FormStack.comIf you’re wondering how to create a contact form, then you should definitely take a look at FormStack, formerly known as I’ve now been using formstack for about 5 months, and I really like it.

FormStack referral code = 81625992 is a web-based application that lets you create simple and complex forms online that you can then use on your websites.

Once you create an account, everything can be managed from their website, from the creation of submit forms, to the handling of the submissions each form receive.

Formstack referral code = 81625992

One of the reasons I went for formstack is because at some point last year, I needed to be able to create complex multi-pages forms for some of my websites. This is easy with formstack. Once finished, you just need to paste the code (either JavaScript, or html) in the source code of your page and voila!

There are a lot of pre-build forms that you can choose and then modify or you can simply create them from scratch.

Formstack Support
Their support looks to be pretty good, although I have had no need for it so far. They have a FAQ section on their website, a forum, and a blog. They also offer email and phone support.

Formstack Pricing
They offer a free plan, so this is great to test it out. However, the free plan has limited features. I’m currently on their business plan ($59/month), but I have a couple of websites that use pretty heavy forms that requires a lot of fields.

I think their starter plan at $14 a month should do the trick for most people.

Formstack Promo Code
Back when I signed up, there was a formstack promo code field. So, obviously, I spent a good 10 minutes googling my way to find a discount. Trust me, there’s none. I just checked and it seems that they now changed it to a formstack referral code. It won’t give you any discount, but if you use this referral code “81625992“, you’ll be tracked as one of my formstack referral.

Formstack has a referral program, so if you refer your friends, or readers from your blog for example like I’m doing, you’ll receive 25%. Not bad.

You can visit Formstack here.

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