Resources – Online Guide of Resources and Tools for Freelancers, Affiliates and Internet Marketers

On this page I list the resources, tools, online services and websites I use to run my day to day online business and affiliate sites. Unless I state otherwise, all these products and services are ones I personally use and strongly recommend. Please note that many of the links are on this page are affiliate links – what kind of web entrepreneur would I be otherwise 😉

Domain Registrar

Godaddy: They’re big, their prices are fairly low and in 4 years of using them, I’ve never had any problems with any domains I registered there. $7.49 for a .COM, that sounds good to me. Please note that I only use GoDaddy as a registrar, and I also bought a SSL certificate from them (works great), but I don’t host any site with them. I’ve never tried their hosting, and I’ve heard comments from both side of the coin, some say they’re great, others say to stay away. Anyway, for hosting I recommend LiquidWeb (see below).


Liquid Web: I’ve used a number of web hosts over the years, and Liquid Web is the best, simple as that. Whether you need a Dedicated server, a VPS or just normal shared hosting, Liqued Web will be able to answer your needs. I’m personally on a $50 VPS on which I host my main websites. I’m not very tech-savvy when it comes to hosting, but support is amazing. Yes, there price are good and fair, and uptime etc. is above the norm, but what really makes the best web hosting company for me is there support, top-notch.


Quickbooks: I run a canadian business, and do all the accounting stuff, including income taxes, myself (that might change next year though, I’m thinking it’s time to get a real CA). In any case, for the day to day accounting, you need more than an Excel sheet. Quickbooks is an excellent software that I use. It’s very intuitive, comes with exhaustive tutorials, and their online communities is a great resource for questions for both Americans and Canadians. Make sure you acquire the appropriate version depending on the country you live in.


SmartInvoice: I’ve been using smartinvoice for 3+ year now. It allows to create estimates and invoices. It integrates with payment processors, so that you can just create the invoice, email it to the client (from within smartinvoice) and he can pay it with Paypal for example. If you’re in any kind of freelance or service offering business, is a good online tool to use. I have heard that there a number of alternatives out there, such as Freshbooks, but I’ve never used them.

Email Marketing

Aweber: I love Aweber. I knew nothing about email marketing when I signed up with them, but everything was just so easy to use and understand. I think they have one of the most efficient website out there for these type of web services. They currently have this promotion where the first month is only $1. After that, the basic plan is $19/month.


Formstack: Formstack is a great tool for creating advance contact forms, order forms and so on. I use it on my main website, because it required very complex form, which I probably would have had to spend $xxxx on a programmer to create for me. I actually wrote a Formstack review some time ago, so feel free to check it out. They have a free plan, so you can for free with a basic plan until your needs require more options.

Product Review WordPress Theme: A wordpress theme I love for creating product review type site.

Other services that I use.